vindale research

Vindale Research is the latest survey company I’ve joined. I was so impressed by them that I have moved them vindale research online surveysto the top of the list.

Just to test them out I’ve completed a couple of surveys and I’ve already earned $3.80. I took a quick screenshot of my first earnings. You can see it over there on the right.

Read my Vindale Research review.

American Consumer Opinions
American Consumer Opinion is an American site that accepts members from all over the world. You get points for surveys completed. Each point is worth a cent so if you cash out when you receive 1,000 points you will receive $10 via tone of the following methods.

  • PayPal
  • Tango gift cards
  • Cash paid via check
  • Donations to charity
  • Sweepstakes entries

It’s been my experience that payments can sometimes take awhile but they will eventually get there.

One of the reasons I like American Consumer Opinions is because you get points even if you get screened out, about 10-50 points. Screeners are short questionnaires which determine if you are suited for the full survey. If your successful you’re directed to the full survey. Unsuccessful applicants get a short message thanking them for their time and are rewarded with their points.

Surveys will usually take between 10 -15 minutes and award the participant 100+ points.

Their motto, ‘Your opinions can change the world.’

RewardsCentral is an Aussie online rewards program. Yep, this one is exclusively for Australian and is designed so Aussies can earn rewards while having fun.Members have to be over 14 years of age. You earn reward points for doing a whole range of interesting things. These include surveys, online shopping, reading email, clicking on links, and a whole lot of other stuff.Once you’ve accumulated enough points you can redeem them in several ways.

  • Instant Cash Out: Cash out instantly, and receive a Flexi eGift Card delivered via email. Choose to spend your rewards at Myer, David Jones, iTunes, Domino’s Pizza, Event Cinemas and more.
  • Traditional Cash Out: Redeem your points for real cash. Allow up to 8 weeks for processing. The money can be deposited directly into your account. You do need a minimum of 3,500 points which converts to $30
  • You can also donate to charities, upgrade to Gold membership for extra benefits or convert them to game tokens.

RewardsCemtral is not your average Survey site. It’a a lot more interesting with a lot more ways to earn money online.

Inbox Dollars
Inbox Dollars is another online reward company that pays. Being an Aussie I can’t vouch for this but apparently if you’re an American you’ve seen them on the Good Morning America TV Show. Members of Inbox Dollars earn money in a variety of ways including;

  • Reading Emails
  • Doing Surveys Online
  • Trying Name Brand Products
  • Shopping Online
  • Play Games Online Now that’s something that I reckon would interest a lot of people. I’d love to get paid for playing games online.

Something that’s pretty unique to Inbox Dollars is that apart from being free to join they give you a $5 signup bonus. Another good thing about them is they’ll take on members from most places around the globe.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy has always been a favourite of mine. I love that you don’t have to live in the States to join too as they accept members from just about anywhere in the world. That includes us Aussies.

Another bonus is that you can sign others using your unique affiliate link. This means you get something every time they complete a survey.

Like all surveys you may get screened out but that’s OK because with Survey Savvy you get some entries into a lottery.

Take my advice and include SurveySavvy in your list of survey companies.

I’ve only just joined CashBackEarners today. Even though they are not a survey site as such they are a site that allows you to both save and earn money.

Technically they’re a cash back website which gives you a cash back discount on online purchases! CashBackEarners also lets you save CashCoins. You can do this from clicking on a simple email to playing games.

Because they’re affiliated with more than 321 webshops, offers discount on millions of products, like clothing, shoes, holidays, lifestyle accessories and electronics. As registering with CashBackEarners is completely free they’re an excellent way to get great savings and to sipplement your income.

Why not give them a go today?